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Make database application development and use as easy as using word processor or spreadsheet with DBEXform
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27 April 2011

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There are various database applications in use today that various organizations use to create and maintain their essential databases. Some of the popular applications are Oracle and SQL which are in wide usage today. Generally, the implementation of the database forms takes place on few elementary routines. But a developer usually needs to copy or write these forms again, which, needless to say, can turn out to be quite a time consuming process at times. Thus, a developer requires a quick and simple way of developing the database forms which saves time without affecting the efficiency of the process. DBEXform v.3.4.1 is such an application for facilitating this procedure.

DBEXform is an application which facilitates quick creation and development of database application and facilitates an easy way of creating database forms. The overall procedure is as simple as working on a Word processor or spreadsheet program. This program runs the routine form creation process in the background, thereby letting developers concentrate on developing the user interfaces only. This program even eliminates the need for writing some SQL queries for the reference fields in the forms as it has the Dynamic SQL query building feature in its core library. It automatically builds simple queries by looking at the design of the forms and various options selected by the user, thereby simplifying the procedure for adding or removing fields from the forms. The Dynamic SQL builder also detects the records added from different tables and automatically joins the fields and tables in a query. The resultant form can be executed immediately. This program offers intelligent features which eliminate the requirement of the knowledge of core programming and SQL, at the same time enabling users to thoroughly explore the data in the tables.

All in all, DBEXform v.3.4.1 is a handy application offering precise operations in form building and exploring data in the tables. Hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

DBEXform offers easy way to database application development. It is almost as easy and quick as using word processor or spreadsheet to create database forms.
This is based on notice that usually forms are implemented on few elementary routines, but developer had to write or copy them all over again. DBEXform will be made this process on background and frees designer to concentrate just on building user interfaces.

One core library of DBEXform is a Dynamic Sql Query builder. It will frees user from writing simple Sql queries to reference fields on form. DBEXform builds queries based on form design and options selected by the designerer. This makes it possible to easily alter a form and add or remove fields from it, without making changes in many places. Adding records from different tables, will instruct the dynamic sql builder to join these tables and fields in a query and the form is immediately executable.
Form designer look like same than an interface than will be executed. There is possible to have multiple views inside one form, with any related and unrelated information. Locating related records by the user will be usually most challenging and how to implement it. The Locating component in DBEXform has very intuitive way to do this. Software has all basic functionalities for database application in default interface and there is always possible to extend it by using the Basic language,using standard functions or .NET framework libraries.
Interactive form designer will allow to changing between designing and running mode with single click. It is possible for developer to execute and design application at the same session. End user may have only a free player interface to run application, without design capabilities.
- Microsoft Sql
- Access databases.
- MySql
- Oracle
-.Net environment
- Visual form design.
- Dynamic Sql Builder
- Interactive reporting
- Print sheets.
- Multilingual
- Royalty free end user player
- Report wizard
Version 3.4.1
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